Inviting architects, interior designers and end-users, the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is to present a lighting design event, hosted at Kings Cross’ multi-award winning Great Northern Hotel. Guided tours of the hotel by the owner, lighting designer and manufacturers will show guests how lighting can totally transform hospitality interior spaces.

Lighting plays a vital role in setting the right atmosphere in any project. Whether the mood is engaging, intimate, welcoming or relaxing - lighting influences the whole experience.

Great lighting design involves three layers - a light source that portrays colours naturally, is dimmable, efficient and has a long life. Secondly a luminaire that places the light accurately where it is needed, is efficient and is itself aesthetically pleasing, fitting in with the architecture. The third layer is the lighting designer who designs imaginatively to give a harmonious and efficient whole, considering function, safety and the desired ambience in the lit space. There is of course a fourth layer - an appreciative end-user who can look at alternative designs and gauge what is best for his hotel or restaurant, for it’s look and feel, for it’s brand.

In all areas of the hotel - it’s guest rooms, circulation spaces, reception, restaurant and bar, new lighting was installed at the end of last year. The light sources are predominantly from Xicato. The luminaires are predominantly from Lucifer Lighting. The lighting design was by Firefly Lighting Design. During the course of a tour around the hotel’s different areas all three companies will explain their contribution, with in some cases demonstrations of what alternatives would have resulted in. Topping the bill, the hotel’s owner, Jeremy Robson will give his reaction to the outcome.

The evening is strictly rsvp and complimentary.

Canapes and cocktails will be served.

6pm-8pm, Monday, 30th June 2014
GNH Bar, Great Northern Hotel
King’s Cross St. Pancras Station
Pancras Road, London N1C 4TB