When did you first discover your passion for design, and how did your career blossom from there?

I used to say that design has born with me and I’m pursuing my passion. Because of that, I really feel that I don’t have a job, but a project of life and my life is my career.

I love design because I love creating new realities and feelings and my job allows me to put a bit of myself in each project that I and my team create. My designs come from the soul – what I feel about the place at the moment. This means that my emotions are translated into designs.

What do you feel is the single most important thing that people should know about you, or your work?

About life and work there’s always a unique challenge, the quest for the essence …

I’m a storyteller and this is reflected in my designs. I would also say that everything ultimately inspires me ... from the moment I hold a new project my imagination starts to fly, finding reference points in my life, travels, different cultures for which I was aware over the years and, sometimes, in small details. Actually, even these tiny things that appear are the most daring and different ideas, resulting in wonderful projects.

What has been your proudest moment or most memorable project as a designer, thus far?

Savoy Palace Hotel is one of my proudest projects and a memorable mark in my career, but I must confess so is each single project! My team and I dedicate ourselves 100 percent to a project and our goal is to see a sparkle in the eyes of our clients! This is what tells me that a project has been done well and no feeling will ever compare to this.

My atelier has created a distinct range of award-winning interior design projects, and each prize is a proudest moment! Our work has frequently been featured in design, architecture, lifestyle, travel and fashion publications, due to a unique connection between its unique design and high level of detail. 

The feeling of seeing my work recognised is incredible and as good as the feeling of the day when I get to see the finished work.

What, for you, is the most enjoyable aspect of designing hospitality interiors?

Designing hospitality is something very challenging because you can be truly creative! In hospitality, design is the key factor that should emerge from strong branding concepts and good stories. These elements are as important as the pure aesthetics and functional qualities of interiors should be. 

Designing an hotel encompasses a good understanding of the client’s identity, goals and needs, as well as the consumer’s needs and wishes. Balancing these elements and mixing in creativity and innovation will lead to success. But you have to think about new and different ways to create each area and piece. Because deep down, this is what defines the design ... to take the idea to its extreme measures, studying the functionality completely fulfilling its role, but at the same time creating something unique.

Innovation in design hotels is born from a flexible way of that works around the rules and practices we have learnt. The result will come to life as natural feeling. When I am designing something, I always have a message that I want to get across to the viewer. What I feel is powerfully materialised in my projects.

What are your framing ambitions for the firm?

The ambition is to move forward step by step, doing what we love with excellence, quality and rigor. We keep the desire to create unique environments, to create fantasy and to turn fantasy into reality! 

We are currently engaged in several projects across Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, but I must confess that our focus is on special projects rather than success.

What are your passions outside of the design world?

I embrace two great passions, painting and caring for the ones in need. My brand image “Girl of the Pebble” is used to help children – it refers to the name by which the children in need from Madeira Island were known! My charity association operates from the sale of paintings done by me which focus on the theme of pebbles (slippery rocks found on the beaches of the island of Madeira).