Hospitality Interiors #78
Issue 78 - Aug 2018

Stories of urban regeneration can be over-gilded at times; presenting a glossy veneer that fails to acknowledge the complex and often contentious nature of such projects. The distrust surrounding urban regeneration should not detract from its potential for good, however, and our location report this issue focuses on one such success story in the making – Detroit.

Within our report we focus on two fascinating new hotels in Downtown Detroit – discovering how Brooklyn-based real estate development and design firm, ASH NYC, has reimagined the historic Wurlitzer building for The Siren Hotel, and how the strength and vibrancy of the local community inspired Simeone Deary Design Group’s vision for the Detroit Foundation Hotel.

Elsewhere in the magazine, I interview the talented founder of Paradigm Design Group, Lisa Haude; quiz Joni Vanderslice of J. Banks Design Group on guest room trends, and explore the story behind South African brand, Hellooow Handmade.

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