A range of mattresses and divan beds from Relyon – which has been specially designed for the contract and hospitality market – is the first of its kind to be awarded FIRA Gold Product Certification.

Primarily aimed at small, boutique hotels and guest houses, the handmade, pocket sprung beds and Relyon’s production processes have passed a series of rigorous tests to ensure the final products are made to the highest standard.

Relyon sales director, David Wescomb, comments: “The FIRA Gold Certification is the highest and most demanding standard to attain, so we wanted to go the extra mile and have the collection certified. We are the only bed manufacturer to supply FIRA Gold certified bed sets for the contract and hospitality market, which provides our customers with complete reassurance that they are buying the right product for their intended use.

“Our beds come with a five-year guarantee, offering functionality and practicality whilst maintaining a quality that lasts. We are confident that a Relyon bed will provide the support and comfort that will help turn your hotel and guest rooms into sanctuaries for rest and relaxation.”

The FIRA Gold Product Certification for mattresses and beds for use in non-domestic settings includes tests for structural performance, strength, safety and stability, mattress performance, the performance of textiles and other materials – such as leather, PVC-coated or woven fabrics, metals and plastics – the load-bearing capability of foam, flammability performance and an ergonomic assessment. The certification also looks at the overall workmanship and the quality of assembly instructions and installation procedures.

Phil Reynolds, FIRA’s chief operating officer, says: “We are very pleased to present Relyon’s Ortho, Support and Luxury divan bed sets for the contract market with our FIRA Gold Product Certification. As with all of our FIRA Gold Product Certifications, the accreditation provides assurance of the quality of the products they are awarded to, and emphasise the importance that holders of this prestigious accreditation place on exceeding industry standards.”