Wokingham-based Cantley Hotel Group – which offers the 36-room Cantley House Hotel and the 25-room Cantley Lodge Hotel – has signed a procurement deal with business energy management consultant, Orchard Energy. The deal aims to boost Cantley’s profitability by cutting energy costs, with Orchard providing a fully-managed service which will save almost 40% on one gas contract alone.

Cantley’s owner and managing director, Maurice Monk, claims that the deal helped to avoid the uncertainty involved in negotiating new contracts. “When we handled it ourselves,” he says, “we were never quite sure we would get the right answer at the end of the negotiations – and it was all very time-consuming.

“Our agreement with Orchard gives us the reassurance that we’re getting the best deal. And it leaves us with more time to focus on the business.”

Orchard energy consultant, Alessandro Bossi, claims that the hospitality industry is a typically big energy user, with heating, lighting, kitchens, laundry and leisure facilities all contributing to demand. “As a result,” he explains, “hotels are often keen to reduce energy bills because any savings soon mount up, providing a boost to the bottom line without any increase in occupancy or room rates.

“But hammering out energy deals can be challenging, especially for multi-site businesses. By opting for a fully-managed service, clients can ensure that contracts don’t get rolled over onto a higher tariff and that any disputes are dealt with efficiently.”

Cantley and Orchard currently have contracts in place up until 2016.