Award­-winning MBH Architects has celebrated its 25th anniversary as a leading California-­based multidisciplinary firm. To celebrate, MBH didn’t have a lavish corporate party. Instead, they organized a company­wide Impact Day, to give back to the community that has supported them throughout the years.

In honour of this big anniversary, the firm joined forces with Alameda Point Collaborative Farm 2 Market program, a nonprofit urban farm which serves as a skill­building center and support system for homeless youth and adults in the community. On Thursday, October 2nd, the MBH Architects team arrived at the Collaborative, working on the urban farm where members of the supportive housing community grow their own fruits and vegetables.

The entire firm spent the day repairing and rebuilding fences, planting and harvesting fields, and renovating shipping containers into office and retail spaces. MBH team members cultivated the garden, and built a new shed where residents of the Collaborative can store their produce, and sell it to support the farm’s operations.

MBH Architects brought together its team that not only believes in, but puts into practice the firm’s core objectives: promoting sustainability, helping the community, and finding new ways to create better environments through design. By contributing time and resources to Alameda Point Collaborative, MBH Architects honored its legacy and core mission: to make a difference, create better built environments, and improve the world/community around it.