Ian Dutch, head of hotel contacts at C.P. Hart, tells us more about C.P. Hart’s spa product ranges.

Guests have come to expect a sense of escapism when they walk into a hotel and the bathroom is an integral part of this experience, be it through a high-performance steam room unit or simply a stand-out freestanding bath or shower head.

Our spa package is all about luxury but also versatility; we understand that every hotel design brief presents its own unique challenges and have developed our spa collection, including the new innovations from Effegibi’s new Topkapi Hammam and Dornbracht’s Sensory Sky experience, with this firmly in mind. Our spa proposition is all about bespoke design backed up by the very best personal service.

Spa elements are becoming much more accessible and fit for purpose in the hospitality industry and are going beyond the ever-popular hydrotherapy bath systems.

Thanks to new innovations, guests can now enjoy the luxury of steam integrated into their hotel shower enclosure, eliminating the need for additional space.

As the hospitality sector becomes more aware of wellness technologies including chromotherapy, these elements are being specified much more often in recent years.

Music systems are also a popular choice, as guests reassess how they interact with the bathroom, no longer seeing it as just a functional room.