The Naturally Fast Food brand LEON opens its thirtieth restaurant, located at the entrance to the underground station in High Street Kensington.

It is LEON’s eighth new site this year and sees it journeying further into West London than it has ever been before. “Apart from our Heathrow locations, this is the closest restaurant we have to Penzance,” explained John Vincent, LEON co-founder and CEO.

The demand for fast food that tastes good and does you good continues to grow, and LEON plans another three restaurants before the end of 2015, including a flagship in Hammersmith Broadway opening at the beginning of December.

LEON has been making it easier for people to eat well since opening in Carnaby Street in 2004. Eleven years later this focus is still central to the LEON philosophy. Introducing a sugary drinks levy in all their restaurants this September, LEON has been at the forefront of the national sugar tax debate alongside Jamie Oliver.

John says: “More restaurants means we can reach more people and employ more people. The people who join LEON are very special. They are often young, highly spirited and highly talented. We know we have a great responsibility to help them thrive and grow. Each new restaurant makes it possible to give greater responsibility and greater chances to my fantastic colleagues.”