Studio 11 Design, a Dallas-based full-service interior design firm, has announced its official partnership with Lou Verne, a creative company led by Marisa Dukowitz and Christy Black, both formally trained display artists and set stylists.

Founded January 2015, Lou Verne specialises in art direction, spatial curation and small to large scale art installations. Although Studio 11 Design and Lou Verne have previously collaborated on several projects, this partnership now brings Lou Verne in-house to work closely with the design team, ensuring every aspect of a project’s art and decor package is integrated from conception to final installation.

Recognising that many art programs are often an afterthought in the design process, which leads to a lack of cohesiveness in the final project, Studio 11 Design saw great value and opportunity in combining forces with Lou Verne.

“Lou Verne by Studio 11 Design is a team of true artists,” says Kellie Sirna, principal of Studio 11 Design. “Their distinct skills, combined with the talent and experience of our design team, will take our hospitality and leisure projects to a new level by adding that last layer required to make each space truly unique and indigenous.”

Dukowitz and Black initially met and worked with Sirna on a hotel project in 2014. The three found a shared passion for creating programs that are driven by a story behind each object and when properly put together complement and balance one another. “Art packaging should be a focus from the beginning of the concept design phase to serve as the language that moves you through the space,” explains Marisa Dukowitz .

“Each piece should enhance the overall end-user experience so that no single piece feels disjointed.”

The collaborative work of Lou Verne by Studio 11 Design will pave the way for many integral design decisions, from selecting color palettes for hotel rooms to filling signage needs at restaurants. The partners will also introduce edgy, yet timeless concepts executed in a way that allows for longevity.

“We thrive artistically in a group and love bouncing ideas off a team of creatives,” says Christy Black. “There’s a synergetic energy that only comes from working with others who appreciate that process. Working with Studio 11 will challenge us to continually evolve and give new life to our work.”

Lou Verne by Studio 11 Design already has several projects lined up, including an art package for Sheraton Austin Hotel At The Capital, slated to open March 2016, which will include photography printed on framed mirrors, paired with linear and bold graphics to balance repurposed pieces.