Dubai-based food branding agency, Figjam, was appointed by MAZ Investment to develop new brand, Thanani, and with the lease signed at Al Zorah second stage work has now begun on restaurant creation.

Styled as a rooftop lounge, Thanani presents a high end dining experience, a contemporary café/bar serving modern Arabic small dishes, or tapas, paired with non-alcoholic beverages.

When developing the strategy and narrative for Thanani, Figjam kept in mind the gap in the market for high-end Arabic brands.  

Thanani will be located on the top floor of the Al Zorah Pavilion in Ajman, and in keeping with the high end menu, the brand design for Thanani is clean, simple and stylish. Straight lines, gentle colours and modern patterns integrate with the outdoor landscape, benefitting from its top floor vantage point Thanani will overlook the mangrove forest and lagoons, an extraordinary backdrop of undisturbed ecosystem.

The interiors are light and open. Colours and furniture characterise natural elements and feature windows emphasise the beauty of the surrounding wildlife and vegetation. 

"I think Thanani is going to be a great contribution to the UAE dining scene," saysd Sanjay Murthy, managing director, Figjam. "I am very proud of our work on this project, we have brought a concept that is usually reserved for licenced restaurants and created something everyone can enjoy. I can really imagine relaxing in this spectacular setting at sundown and enjoying the freshest and finest food and drink."

Thanani will comprise indoor and outdoor seating options capable of hosting more than 200 guests in a space of 10,575 square meters. The venue is expected to open in March 2016.