Speakers at the Master Innholders’ 23rd Annual General Managers’ Conference, taking place at Grosvenor House London on 11-12th January 2016, will be outlining the newest trends and most successful techniques for the year.

Session themes this year range from leadership behaviour to crisis PR, teaching delegates how to excel in their career and business.

On the first day of the conference, Martin Couchman OBE will outline new legislation affecting the industry over the coming year. He will provide commentary on the National Living Wage, gender pay reporting, the apprentice levy and supply chain reports.

He will also discuss handling of the service charge and developments in food issues, with a new BHA statutory hygiene guide. A serious session not to be missed by those wanting to start the New Year in the right way.

Robbie Bargh, founder of Gorgeous Group, will wax lyrical about the importance of storytelling and an A to Z of the best storytelling in restaurants, bars and lounges. Throughout, he’ll also be discussing the nature of stories: why do we tell stories, how do we best tell stories and what do they do for us?

Digital and travel industry expert Dan Christian will be teaching hoteliers how they can build their ‘social army’ to increase bookings. Delegates will be able to discover the technology and training that has powered Red Carnation Hotel’s impressive digital and social marketing success over the past few years. Dan will provide powerful case studies along with practical and valuable suggestions on how to implement these beneficial initiatives to grow your business.

On the second day, delegates can marvel in behaviour expert Jez Rose’s high-energy presentation, based on the content of his best-selling book, ‘Be a Purple Banana’. Jez will be teaching his efficacious strategies, techniques and solutions to help create effective leaders within an organisation.

He’ll demonstrate how to apply brain science for business and highly effective principles that can radically improve the behaviour of leaders and those in their charge, as well as real-world solutions for the most common problems faced by leadership teams across all sectors.

Alan Stevens, director of MediaCoach, will be chair a panel discussion on the management of crises in the hotel industry, discussing examples of good and bad practice, and making recommendations to help and teach delegates how they can work through crises and emerge with their reputations intact.

Each session will provide delegates with invaluable and timeless skills that can be implemented easily and shared with others.

Prices start at £150+VAT with discounted rates available for Master Innholders, St Julian Scholars and hoteliers. To book your place for the General Managers’ Conference 2016 please visit www.masterinnholders.co.uk/conference/booking or for more information on this year’s speakers visit the Master Innholders website.