Terry Blake and Yohini Nandakumar are set to open their first restaurant, Sparrow, in Lewisham on the 28th of March.

The husband and wife team first met whilst working at St John’s in Smithfields, and the new opening will be a homage to the food they love.

Seasonality will be at the heart of Sparrow’s menu, and while the focus will be on British meat and vegetables and European cooking techniques, dishes will borrow flavours from around the world. 

“We chose the name Sparrow because it reflects the kind of food that we make, like a sparrow we aren’t specific to a place or country," says Yohini. "One week we might put a classic Italian dish on the menu and other times we’ll make a crunchy Malay-style salad with whatever is in season.”

“Taking influences from different parts of the world and combining it with great produce gives us the opportunity, and the freedom, to make a plate of food as delicious as it can be,” adds Terry. 

Located a stone’s throw away from Lewisham station, Sparrow will be a relaxed, light and airy space with an open kitchen taking centre stage, clad in emerald V&A tiles, and topped with a sleek wooden worktop. Simple antique tables and chairs, and industrial light fittings give an informal yet elegant feel.