The hotel - which will replace the existing Cooper Callas building, a disused industrial site - will feature high quality guest accommodation over six floors, food and beverage facilities accessible by both hotel guests and the local community and even a roof garden and terrace with views of Oxford.

Oxford City Council welcomed the proposal from Dominvs, which responds to the high volume of local tourism and creates 70 new jobs in a variety of roles. The designs for the building mirror the brickwork and fenestration in the surrounding streets, and received approval from Historic England.

"We are delighted that this proposal has been deemed acceptable in both economic and heritage terms," comments Jay Ahluwalia, on behalf of Dominvs Group. "The detail of the scheme has evolved following extensive consultation and engagement with officers at the City Council along with officers from Historic England.

"The proposals have also been the subject of public engagement where members of the public and key stakeholders were encouraged to have an open dialogue with our development team to shape the detailed design of the proposal. This engagement also led to us retaining the former Brewery Gate Public House.”