The Long Arm Pub & Brewery is unique to the UK market, completely free from packaging and boasts an on-site micro-brewery and micro-distillery alongside an urban farm.

The Long Arm beers will be served fresh from tank to glass, completely cutting out the keg, cask and bottling process. Additive and chemical-free, Long Arm’s unfiltered, unpasteurized ‘Tank Fresh’ brews will be dispensed from six 1000 litre tanks, ensuring optimal quality and taste.

The man in charge of the regularly rotating six-strong range, which will always include a lager, pale ale, IPA, stout and a low strength brew as well as a guest beer, is third generation brewer, Guillermo Alvarez Schulenburg.

Working with The Craft Distilling Business, Long Arm will also be distilling, from a 50-litre copper and steel still, its own small batch gin and creating natural extracts that will be used in cooking and their beers.

Fresh food will complement the fresh beer offering with a menu featuring craft burgers along with bar snacks such as fish tacos, chilli salt squid, croquettes and Mexican sopes – a thick tortilla topped with meat and vegetables.

The 85-cover, 2,500 square foot interior is industrial yet contemporary, with exposed concrete and brickwork, parquet flooring and Victorian tiling. A timber bar takes centre stage, whilst graffiti of the brewing process appears on the walls.

“Our Long Arm Brewery in Ealing has been producing exceptional beers and our latest opening combines my passion for brewing with my love of hospitality," says Ed Martin. "Guillermo’s knowledge of the brewing process is second to none and I am confident that the increasingly quality-driven beer drinker will be excited by our dynamic selection of brews.”