Now in its seventh year, the Boutique Hotel Awards is the first and only international awards scheme exclusively dedicated to recognising unique excellence among boutique hotels. 

The company is entirely independent, and special care is taken to send judges to entrant hotels in order to endure that both the nominees and winners are of the highest calibre. 

The awards gala dinner also served to bring together members of The Master Key Society – a new collaborative venture established by the Boutique Hotel Awards to facilitate visits exclusively in between award winners, past and future. 

"Driven by a boundless love for our localities and a parallel passion to communicate, reflect and share, we create unique places and strive to offer memorable, unparalleled experiences," comments Emmanuel Vordonis, founding member of the Master Key.

"The Master Key Society is a hub, a forum and a fraternity where these special, and passionate creators meet, share ideas, inspire each other, cross-fertilise, refresh their vision and recharge batteries to further their work."