Having hosted royalty, esteemed writers and a magnitude of journalists and explorers over the generations, the hotel is steeped in a rich history – something that will be reflected in its renewed interior. 

GM Architects has been chosen for the project due to its knowledge of the region and based on its previous work with Sofitel on projects such as Tamuda Bay, Morocco and Beirut, Lebanon.

The aim of the project is to completely re-design the exterior landscaping, so as to link the lush hotel gardens with the languid blue Nile. The new and improved hotel layout will encompass the vibrant colors of Nubia, Egypt and the French 19th century lifestyle that delights both the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Whilst some areas keep to their historical roots and showcase elements of Egyptian history such as ancient maps and historical carpentry and textiles, new contemporary art by local artists will enrich the elegance and grandeur of the renewed Palace.

Large luminous chandeliers will be hung in the renovated 1886 Restaurant and the Victoria Lounge to create an ambiance of sophistication and class, a signature of Sofitel.

Once completed, guest room accommodation will be re-designed and re-imagined with inspiration from the Palace’s history and surroundings. An all new water feature is to be installed gracing the front of the hotel which will link the Nile to the other water features of the hotel, the garden fountain and the outdoor pool.

The historical axis running through the gallery of the hotel highlights the rich cultural history of Egypt and allows guests to experience a historical journey through landmarks and periods of pharaonic regality, Arabian beauty and French glamour.