After finishing his professional career and his internship with an hotelier background, Sasson traveled to Canada. Here he learned from great chefs, who broadened his horizons and instilled in him a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve upon returning to his country.

He squared his whole idea and he set up his first restaurant, The H.Sasson - Wok & Satay Bar. After years of very successful operation, Sasson decided to make a change. Gathering the recipes he liked the most, he opened a new concept, Harry Sasson's Restaurant – a must-visit place in Bogota and recently ranked #17 on Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Nemo restaurant is named after Sasson's father’s nickname, as a way to honour him. The restaurant offers 153 seats for lunch and dinner. 

Nemo is an all-compassing exhibition kitchen experience, with the main focus being a three metre (ten foot) long custom charcoal oven from Spain, allowing the chef to prepare multiple cuts of meat at different temperatures, all seared with a robust charcoal flavour.