The American Bar at The Stafford London is one of the few remaining ‘American’ cocktail bars that became a familiar site in London and Paris during the 1920s and 30s. Its lively atmosphere, intimate corners, quality service and old-school glamour have made it a favourite meeting place for both hotel guests and visitors for over a century.

Within the bar's new interior, a marble bar takes pride of place, complemented by mahogany panelling, emerald green upholstery, vintage glassware and brass fittings.

Rosendale Design has retainined the wonderful history of the room, which remains adorned with signed photographs from the hotel’s famous patrons and an intriguing collection of artefacts donated by guests over the years.

“The American Bar is an integral part of our hotel’s identity, and we are very excited to tell this next chapter in its colourful history," comments Stuart Procter, general manager of The Stafford London. "Even with the changes to the menus and space, our beautiful bar will still keep its identity; it’s an evolution not a revolution."