Successfully exporting its values of high quality products, excellent service and meticulous attention to detail in an international and relaxed setting, Experimental Group has become a leading entrepreneurial voice over the past ten years, disrupting the industry by bringing their signature Made in France hospitality to the world’s hottest vacation destinations.

The Experimental Chalet will host thirty-nine rooms and suites, complete with jacuzzis and terraces with a panoramic mountain view.

The keys to the hotel’s design have been handed to Fabrizio Casiraghi, the interior designer hailed for his ability to blend modernity and authenticity; a perfect match for a town where the chalet atmosphere is as emblematic as a warm welcome.

Casiraghi’s aim was to evoke large yet inviting spaces, where natural and lacquered wooden accents coexist with crisp alpine white walls. Cohabitating with this minimalist freshness is the unexpected use of colours such as aquamarine, powdered rose, and brick in the common areas with rose and deep green in the rooms and suites. 

The transformation of the Chalet was to provide a unique service experience, already established in the Experimental Group’s locations in New York, London, Paris and Ibiza. With a subtle ambiance, the Chalet hails the refined Helvetic tradition with a 20th Century approach.