Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) is currently designing a new two-tower development in Bellevue, Washington, with Fortress Development – Avenue Bellevue.

In partnership with Seattle-based Weber Thompson, HBA has announced plans for 332 homes – including 98 “Estate Homes” – that will elevate the standard of luxury living in Bellevue, in addition to the Pacific Northwest’s first InterContinental Hotel.

The city boasts a spectacular natural setting surrounded by water, lush pacific greenery and the scenic Olympic Mountains. Historically known as a bedroom community to Seattle, the population and culture are experiencing rapid growth, making Bellevue an ideal destination in its own right.

“It’s fascinating how the lakes surrounding Bellevue change in appearance from one season to the next, mirroring the vivid, natural transformations reflected in them," says HBA Partner Kathleen Dauber and Senior Project Director Yulia Bekar. "Those transformations became an inspiration for three colour palettes we will feature in the Estate Homes.” 

In addition to residences, Avenue Bellevue will boast the Pacific Northwest’s first InterContinental Hotel. The hotel will include 252 hotel rooms, as well as 85,000 square feet of high-end retail, food and nightlife, including a restaurant from a three-Michelin-star chef.

Unique and exciting, the hotel provides the city a central hub of activity, creating a meaningful destination that unites the surrounding cultural, social and business topography.

The Asian Fusion restaurant has a fresh, natural atmosphere by day, morphing into a dramatic, happening environment by night. The refined colour palette and intelligent mixing of materials act as a backdrop for theatrically presented food, informed wine selection and impeccable service.