This autumn will see the opening of Paradise – a bold new Sri Lankan dining concept in Soho.

Paradise will put a progressive twist on authentic street food, embracing all the flavours, spices and warmth of the Teardrop island in a stripped back, brutalist setting.

Located on the legendary Rupert Street strip, Paradise will be the first solo project from Dom Fernando, a young dynamic restaurateur on a mission to bring the food of his family’s homeland to London.

Dom was inspired by his annual childhood trips to Sri Lanka, observing everything from his relatives’ home-grown cooking techniques and treasured recipes to their warm, inclusive eating culture. 

Dom has teamed up with leading East London interior specialists, Dan Preston – whose previous credits include KILN and Smoking Goat – to create an intimate, warm yet raw space. 

Inspired by the chic bistros in Colombo and Galle, Dom wanted a space that celebrates music, art and design. Paradise will have a truly non-conformist look and feel, with artisanal furniture, foliage and crafts blended seamlessly with industrial elements such as unpolished cement and aged metal detailing, to create an informal, minimalist yet inviting space.