Affordable design hotel group Motel One has announced positive figures through Q2 of 2019, with revenues, net profit and EBITDA continuing to rise.

The group maintains its strong footing in the European hospitality market with 71 hotels and 20,157 rooms currently in operation across the continent.

Key highlights for Q2 have included the relaunch of Motel One Salzburg-Süd and Motel One Edinburgh-Royal after extensive redesigns. These renovations are part of the group’s investment in a redesign cycle of just seven years, ensuring progress in product, quality standards and delivering upon the brand promise at each location.

The hotel group also announced revenues for the first half of 2019 were up by 20% against the previous year (EUR 222m) with the revenue per room sold rising by EUR 4 to EUR 98 (previous year: EUR 94).

In another win, Motel One has witnessed a sharp increase in its beOne membership programme (total of 436,000 members) and has launched its One-Click Book concept. This exclusive service makes booking stays via the website even faster and more convenient for members.