Boutique interior architectural design firm, Hospitality Design Guild (HDG), has announced that Jennifer Paladino and Randi Rodriguez have joined the South Florida studio as senior designer and studio director respectively.

Bringing with them a combined three decades plus of design experience, Paladino and Rodriguez join HDG’s expanding guild of talented collaborators specialising in commercial, hospitality and residential design.

A LEED certified licensed interior designer, Rodriguez began her career in interior design after receiving her BFA from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Highly detail driven, she brings superb technical execution to every project, making her an invaluable asset for ensuring each project is completed with design precision and on time.

She brings a wealth of industry knowledge to HDG, following previous roles at Wimberly Interiors, The Gettys Group, and RTKL Miami, where she conceived and created hospitality and commercial interior spaces.

For over a decade, Paladino has honed her craft — and her life-long passion for design — working on a range of commercial, hospitality and residential projects at some of the most awarded firms in the Southeast, including Wimberly Interiors and The Gettys Group.

Leveraging that expertise, she brings to HDG her discerning eye for design, from spatial proportion to aesthetics, for developing properties across North America and the Caribbean.

“I’m thrilled to join this creative team with such diverse expertise and experience, all focused on the Guild’s vision of providing better service from a better assembled team,” says Rodriguez.

“We all are genuinely so passionate about design and I’m grateful to have joined such a creative design team,” adds Paladino. “I’m excited to be part of the studio’s growth, while creating the most hospitable experience for our clients.”

Launched by industry vets Katherine Cortese and Mark Krejcarek nearly two years ago, HDG is using a new model of collaborating across specialties to expand their services and “put the hospitality back in hospitality design.”

They have assembled a team with significant experience in hotel, resort and residential design both nationally and abroad, with perspectives on all aspects of the design, development, construction and ownership process.