Opening in December, Muse is a cosy 25 seater renovated mews house in Belgravia. 

This restaurant is very close to Tom’s heart, drawing on pivotal relationships, experiences and influences which have led him to this point in his life. Tom will be drawing inspiration from poignant memories of his early childhood and professional path throughout the years, when creating the seasonal, stripped-back tasting menu.

Signature dishes will spotlight one key ingredient or element per dish, allowing it to tell a story through minimal, yet expertly selected produce.

The dining space will be split over two floors of the characterful mews house, each with a fully open plan theatre kitchen giving everyone a chance to see Tom and his kitchen team orchestrate truly special moments.

Designer, Rebecca Korner, has created the inviting, luxurious interior, combining an eclectic mix of furniture and lighting with exquisite fabrics, decadently rich woods and jewel-toned marbles.

“Throughout my life, I have been inspired and influenced by many different people, places, time and travels," says Tom Aikens. "From my mother, Tania, who opened my eyes to the infinite pleasures and absolute delights that food can bring – like the very first time I tasted a warm, juicy strawberry or a crisp, sweet pea-pod plucked straight from the ground – to all of those who have guided and supported me throughout my journey, from my initial steps into a kitchen to where I am today.

"I still carry with me an inherent pride of my Norfolk provenance, alongside the many places that were considered a home-from-home in those early years.

“That’s why my new home, Muse, pays homage to all of these and more. To the big and the small things that have had the greatest impact on my life, inside and outside of the kitchen, and that to this day mean the most to me.Welcome to Muse, where you can enjoy a carefully considered and totally personal collection of my fondest food stories and memories. Where each and every guest is warmly greeted to get a first-hand look into my life of inspirations and influences.”