Motel One is reporting a strong financial performance and sustainable growth, with revenues, net profit and EBITDA continuing to rise through Q3 of 2019.

The group maintains a strong footing in the European hospitality market, with 73 hotels and 20,740 rooms currently in operation across the continent. In addition, the group has recently launched two new openings in the form of its debut Polish hotel, Motel One Warsaw-Chopin, and its newest Munich property, Motel One Munich-Haidhausen, in the city’s French Quarter.

Having received the central bank credit rating of 3-, meaning that the credit claim of a commercial loan issued to Motel One can be accepted as collateral by the Deutsche Bundesbank, Motel One have received further praise in the TREUGAST Investment Ranking 2019. Awarded the top triple-A rating, Motel One were also named the 'most wanted investment partner', which is an award unique to the hotel sector.

The hotel group also announced that revenues through Q1 to Q3 of 2019 were up by 17% against the previous year (EUR 354m) with the revenue per room sold rising by EUR 3.30 to EUR 98.30 (previous year: EUR 95).

The group continues to maintain a healthy development pipeline, consisting of 25 hotels with 7,579 rooms. Five of these are being developed for the group’s own property portfolio, whilst twenty are being developed with external investors on the basis of long-term leases.

Q4 will see the opening of Motel One Linz, Motel One’s seventh Austrian location and their first hotel inthe country’s third largest city. This development pipeline will bring the brand‘s total portfolio to 98 hotels with 28,319 rooms (previous year: 94 hotels with 27,760 rooms).