Pater Noster is Sweden's most famous and spectacular lighthouse, remotely located at the tiny island Hamneskär outside Marstrand on the Swedish west coast. The extremely hazardous waters surrounding the island have been feared for centuries, and seafarers used to read The Lord’s Prayer - Pater Noster in Latin - when their ships approached the dangerous reefs.  The lighthouse was constructed in 1868 and given the name Pater Noster as a tribute to the sailors’ prayers. Although the island was considered inhabitable, a house was built for the lighthouse master, his family and staff. For almost 110 years, generations of lighthouse keepers lived with their families in this extreme environment, caring for the lighthouse, rescuing shipwrecked sailors and creating a small and isolated society of its own.

Now, a team of Swedish entrepreneurs, hoteliers, restaurateurs, designers and professional sailors breathes new life into the lighthouse master’s old home, creating nine guest rooms accommodating up to 18 guests, a restaurant, bar and outdoor café. The ambition is to turn Pater Noster into one of Sweden’s top destinations.  

“The spirit of the old lighthouse master is all over the place” says chief of operations Mirja Lilja Hagsjö. “This is a home, not a hotel, filled with history.”

Award-winning design agency Stylt is responsible for the concept and interior design. 

“During my 30 years within the hospitality business, I have rarely come across such a unique destination”, says Stylt’s founder and partner in the lighthouse project Erik Nissen Johansen. “It’s all there - the remote location, the fantastic nature, the extreme weather conditions, the thrilling history - and soon, great hospitality with a dash of roughness and low-key luxury.”

Pater Noster is a great example how to meet the new demands within the world of hospitality, offering genuine guest experiences with a strong cultural heritage. Depending on the weather, the island is reached by boat or helicopter. It’s perfect for smaller groups looking for something completely different, hosting meetings and private parties as well as a range of activities such as deep-sea fishing, sailing, kayaking, scuba diving and visiting the legendary lighthouse itself.

The people behind is the entrepreneur Olle Langenius, Mirja Lilja Hagsjö - GM, Zana ”Sassa” Usorac - F&B, Frida Langenius och Carl Sylvan - transportation and sea adventures  Erik och Elisabeth Nissen Johansen from Stylt, design and concept.