Rosewood London has launched its brand new terrace for the winter, in partnership with renowned whisky brand The Macallan and launching in tandem with The Macallan’s ‘Distil Your World London’ experience. The terrace will be open for six months and promises to be the ultimate winter destination for guests looking for a luxurious gastronomic experience to remember.

The hotel’s elegant Edwardian courtyard will be transformed to a beautiful Scottish Highland manor, bringing a taste of the countryside to the heart of London. Taking inspiration from the rolling Scottish hills and The Macallan Estate, the terrace entrance will be adorned with beautiful blue heather and purple thistles, as well as elegant pine trees. Upon arrival, guests will be treated to a truly immersive experience. Staff will be dressed in suitably rural attire of Scottish tweed, roll necks and fly fishing jackets  - supplied by Private White V.C., the luxury menswear brand from Manchester and Mayfair - while a collaboration with scent experts O by Olfacto will bring the distinctive smells of the countryside into the space. The Olfacto team has created a selection of bespoke scents for the entrance to the terrace, transporting guests to Speyside with notes of heather, earth and oakmoss.

Inside will bring in more cosy, warm and enveloping notes of leather and musk, evoking nights by a fire while guests are welcomed into a warm and comforting room filled with elegant designs inspired by and harking back to The Macallan’s newly opened distillery. The walls will show detailed maps of Speyside, the location of the distillery, and copper hanging lights are a nod to the copper stills used in the whiskey making process. Wellington boots and fishing rods lined up along the walls will add to the sense of having stepped into a Scottish manor house.

David Sinclair, The Macallan Prestige & Experience Manager, said: “We are looking forward to bringing the essence of The Macallan Estate to life through The Macallan Manor House at Rosewood London. Every small detail has been carefully chosen to reflect the character of The Estate, and we hope customers feel transported to The Macallan’s beautiful Speyside home when they visit.”

Rosewood London has worked with Meredith O’Shaughnessy, an award-winning creator of immersive spaces and events, who collaborated with creative design agency Shoot the Moon to bring The Macallan Manor House to life. For over 15 years she has worked with some of the world’s most well-loved brands creating unforgettable experiences that deliver delight and joy.

The Macallan Manor House at Rosewood London will be open from 12pm - 10pm, Monday - Sunday.