Brøchner Hotels' luxurious new design hostel, BOOK1, opens its doors in Aarhus today. The Danish boutique hotel chain has transformed the the city's former public library, combining classic hostel elements like bunk bed dorms, laundry facilities, and ping pong tables with luxury hotel elements such as private rooms and suites, a sauna, and unique designs.

One of the most iconic hybrid elements is also the 'pod dorms', inspired by luxury capsule hotels in Japan and a reflection of the former bookshelves in the library. 

'We want to offer guests the same cool vibe you meet at our boutique hotels, but at the same time give them something unique in its own category," comments Nickolas Krabbe Bjerg, CEO at Brøchner Hotels. "We believe that the modern traveler cannot be categorised.

Today, we travel based on needs and needs fluctuate - from a family vacation one week to a business trip the next and perhaps a romantic getaway in the weekend. Consequently, identifying with a place and value for money becomes essential for the modern traveller. At BOOK1 we cater for exactly that with our take on a hybrid between hotel and hostel."

The food court is led by a local food entrepreneur, MIB, and offers a mix of food concepts, such as a Nordic pizza concept, Danish 'smørrebrød', and a bakery. 

Along with the opening of BOOK1, guests will also get access to special treats and offers from local shops, cafés, and restaurants in Aarhus that are part of GO LOCAL, a curated concept launched by Brøchner Hotels for staying guests and locals.