Chef Chet Sharma is to launch his debut restaurant, BiBi, on Thursday 9th September on the corner of Mayfair’s North Audley Street and Lees Place.

Bibi is Urdu for 'lady of the house' – a term of endearment for maternal figures, and will seat 33 guests, along with an additional 20 on the terrace. 

Chef Chet Sharma will explore India’s culinary expanse within his menu, and has been inspired by both his travels around the subcontinent and the food cooked by his grandmothers, which he affectionately called his bibis.

The design, meanwhile, is headed up by Sam Hosker, Design Director at JKS Restaurants, who has woven accents of Indian identity and culture into BiBi’s interiors. Curves and circular details are prominent, especially above the bar stools overlooking the open kitchen. These shapes mirror the arches and classical façades of old Indian buildings and that of Chet’s grandmother’s farmhouse in Haryana.

The house of Jaipur’s third Maharani, Gayatri Devi - the epitome of a strong Indian woman - informs much of the design. Tribal art of India is seen both in abstract artwork as well as engravings on the ceiling and mango wood toned furnishings.

The ivory and black stone pattern, seen across palatial homes of India, is present throughout the restaurant, alongside intricate beading and weaving that honours India’s talented craftspeople. A commissioned piece named ‘Mother’ from London-based artist Laura Wickstead takes pride of place close to the restaurant’s entrance.

“After years in the making, I can’t believe BiBi’s opening is finally here," comments Chef Chet Sharma. "Whilst my food doesn’t look traditionally Indian, I want to make sure the flavours are genuine, and something that any Bibi would recognise.

"I’m looking forward to showcasing the produce from my travels, both around India and the UK, such as the Paigambari wheat from Punjab and the amazing chicken we’ve sourced from North Yorkshire. I can't wait for our guests to join us on this journey.”