With globally renowned Bergman Design House as its interiors partner, The Other House Co-owner and CEO Naomi Heaton has created a true oasis in South Kensington.

Launching in Spring 2022, the first outpost from this new lifestyle brand of Residents’ Clubs is sure to encourage a new generation of long and short-term guests to make South West London their home.  

The Other House concept, shaped through a residential lens rather than from a conventional hotel approach, offers club flats and a members’ club, any length stays and access to hotel-style services on demand.

The narrative draws on the local culture of South Kensington. The spirit of whimsy and English eccentricity was the starting point for The Other House – guided by beguiling gardens, interesting architecture, the language of arches and the nearby Gloucester Road tube station. 

Created for those looking for flexibility and style and who embrace responsibility and slow travel, Bergman Interiors has established a signature and sustainable vernacular for The Other House, forming spaces that convey elegance and authenticity that move away from a decade-defining aesthetic. The experience for guests focuses on ‘approachable luxury’ bringing the magic of London inside.

The whimsical aesthetic begins on arrival, where visitors on both business and pleasure can start on a journey through interconnecting spaces which bask in soft light and reveal hidden depths, created through a focus on materiality, an artful interplay of finishes, furnishings and unexpected touches. 

In the Lobby, where formality is dispensed of, comfortable seating areas welcome guests to relax. Inspired by the bustle and liveliness of London’s streets - think street lights on walls - the playful design brings elements of the outside in, with wonderful trees, botanical themes and lighting crafted like hanging plants, which mesh with rich colours and intricate fabric designs.  

"Our mission is to create spaces and use technology to completely reinvent how people stay, providing a renewed sense of place, ownership and engagement” The Other House Co-owner and CEO Naomi Heaton

Going past the comfortable leather chairs and deep red walls in the library to the fantastical destination bar, orchid-inspired lights crafted from glass and brass ensure a playful way to highlight each space, reflecting onto the cut mirror glass walls all around. Wallcovering, murals and seating fabric draw on a mythical world of flora and fauna in an eclectic and playful manner.  

Throughout, Bergman has furnished the spaces in an uncompromising style that cleverly walks the line between old and new. In the atmospheric vaulted Club bar, an artful mix of modern design sits alongside old masters with a contemporary twist, and one-off antique finds. Located nearby is the Spa and Bar, which is equally uncompromising in its zen tranquility. 

The Other House’s signature Club Flats - each with their own unique ‘address’ – are saturated with bold colours layered with velvets and British tweed and wool. Designed to be lived in, each Flat is complete with fully fitted kitchens, separate living and sleeping areas separated by specially commissioned screens featuring Art Deco tree and leaf designs.

Amidst a hospitality landscape where green credentials and social engagement have too often evolved into hollow buzzwords, The Other House is emerging as a new benchmark for commitment to eco initiatives and environmental responsibility.  

Conscious design actions place The Other House at the very epicentre of a rapidly changing landscape where the environmental impact of the business is as important as the business itself. It Is committed to sourcing products from verified environmentally friendly manufacturers and supporting local artisans and craftsmanship.

The commitment of The Other House to re-designing and refurbishing tired historic buildings is of huge environmental benefit. In aiming to achieve the BREEAM ‘Excellent’ category, representing only the top 10% of buildings, the team is implementing sustainable design solutions at all levels using construction materials with a low environmental impact and lifecycle assessments to inform selection. Synthetics and chemicals are avoided and the use of either recycled or recyclable materials is prioritised throughout the property.

"We are so excited to be partnering with The Other House to create a totally new design proposition and the ultimate second home for guests as long as they are in town. We wanted to create a brand that is different from anything else that exists. The Other House is about fantasy – a hotel, a club, your other house," says Marie Soliman, Bergman Co-Founder.

“We are delighted to work with Marie and her team at Bergman to bring our vision of a new lifestyle brand and Residents’ Club to life. The Other House aims to provide our guests with another way of living. Our mission is to create spaces and use technology to completely reinvent how people stay, providing a renewed sense of place, ownership and engagement,” says The Other House Co-owner and CEO Naomi Heaton.