JOALI's highly anticipated new island retreat has now opened on the secluded island of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll. Carefully constructed to honour and respect the local landscape, culture and communities, JOALI BEING offers "a transformative destination aimed to inspire and ignite the very deepest of mindful connections to one’s self, one another, and one’s environment."

The retreat's architectural concept has been generated and executed by architects from the renowned multidisciplinary design studio, Autoban, along with Atolye4N, both of which also led the design concept of sister destination, JOALI.

In order to align with JOALI BEING’s commitment to preserving, respecting and connecting with the local landscape, the retreat has been constructed according to Biophilic design principles, leaving the island’s wild forest untouched.

The retreat is home to a total of 68 private exquisite beach and water villas, consisting of 34 beach villas and 34 water villas. Each of the 13 villa categories comes with a private pool and a variety of special offerings such as customised minibar setups, tuned meditative balancing musical instruments, wellbeing games and more.

The distinct interiors of the guest villas have been inspired by the island’s natural surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the shorelines, sea waves, shells and green textures, the spacious villas feature relaxed, flowing lines that serve as an extension of the Indian Ocean.

Alongside this luxurious accommodation, JOALI BEING features a collection of transformational spaces, along with 39 elevated treatment rooms spread across the island that are inspiring in nature to enhance the overall wellbeing journeys of guests, aid in the healing and renewal processes and provide endless opportunities for reflection, movement and growth.

● Areka is home to fully immersive wellbeing experiences, beneficial scientific therapies and diagnostic services, learning programmes, specialised therapeutic and alternative healing treatments, as well as expansive fitness facilities and an over-water meditation deck. 

● Core - Movement & Fitness Spaces: Dedicated movement specialists guide guests through extensive mind and body facilities, including diagnostic rooms, private training rooms, multipurpose studio, fitness room and Ocean Sala

● Kaashi - Hydrotherapy Hall: Honours the tradition of healing through water, experiencing the cleansing powers of the Russian Banya, Aufguss Sauna, and the tranquility of the Sensory Deprivation Room

● Seda - Sound Therapy Hall: Inner balance is restored through the healing harmony of music and vibration, created by sound healing visionary and JOALI BEING collaborator Aurelio C. Hammer

● The Discovery Sound Path: The on-site, outdoor sound therapy oasis that resonates with the natural rhythms of the island

● AKTAR: JOALI BEING’s on-site herbology center, which is inspired by the healing power of herbs. At AKTAR, guests may address concerns surrounding the Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy with the resident herbalist, who specialises in preparing natural remedies using herbs, spices and essential oils. Also located in this space is a curated library as well as interactive workshops at which visitors will learn the benefits of herbal teas and learn to make natural body creams, face masks, and massage oils.

An earth-to-table approach to dining is a central focus at JOALI BEING. The retreat's open-plan interactive dining space is complete with three signature kitchens – Plantae, serving vegetarian and vegan cuisine; Su focusing on ocean-to-table pescatarian fare; and B’Well with a signature JOALI BEING menu, including a selection of Earth-to-Table meals.

Finally, the retreat’s tropical beach sanctuary, Mojo, is located on a three-layered sundeck and is an ideal spot to grab lunch and enjoy the day’s end by the pool. Mojo is also home to SAI tea lounge, where guests can explore the incredible range of brews, and join tea ceremonies and learning sessions hosted by the resident tea sommelier.