Munich-based Ruby Group, led by founder and CEO Michael Struck, has further strengthened its in-house expertise in architecture and construction with two recent appointments. 

Jorge Lopez, who joined Ruby in 2019, has been promoted to Group Director Architecture. In his position, Jorge is responsible for planning guidelines for new buildings and renovations, feasibility studies, and architectural design concepts for new projects. A particular focus is the continuous optimisation of space efficiency using Ruby's modular architectural toolkit, which uses more than 100 different room geometries.

Jorge is also responsible for integrating hotel space into complex mixed-use properties so that the design best serves the interests of all uses and all occupants. Jorge and his team work closely with Development and serve as expert advisors to Ruby's real estate partners through all phases of planning.    

In addition, Stefanie Michele has been promoted to Group Director Construction. She joined Ruby at the beginning of 2017 and, together with her team, is responsible for the project management of all construction projects from the planning phase until when the hotel is taken over by the Operations Department.

For projects where Ruby is providing parts of the construction services, Stefanie's team is also responsible for project steering and oversight of the construction schedule, including all tenders and contracting, as well as for site management. In doing so, the Construction Team works closely with the Interior Design, Architecture and Maintenance departments.    

Jorge Lopez and Stefanie Michele report directly to Richard Hartl, Group Vice President Technical Service at Ruby.