In Dye Lab from Shaw Contract Group, colour inspired by nature merges with texture and technique, creating an exploration of natural dyes derived from madder root, indigo and cochineal. Ancient wash and dye techniques are reinterpreted, and fabric is woven, twisted, bundled, dipped and dyed. “Dye Lab is an exploration of colour extracted from nature, its intricate merger with texture – and how one affects the other,” explains Reesie Duncan, creative director. “The result is a carpet tile that is unpredictable, random, beautiful, and unlike anything Shaw Contract Group has previously designed.”

John Stephens, vice president of marketing, adds: “Our exploration of natural dyes led to the development of an innovative dye infusion process, that applies colour in an irregular and organic fashion. This process repurposes lost practices with modern technology to create ancient wash and dye techniques. The technique parallels the natural dyeing process where the outcome is unpredictable. No two Dye Lab tiles are ever precisely the same.”

Dye Lab is Cradle-to-Cradle Silver Certified, and uses premium Eco Solution Q fiber with 45% recycled content. All tiles feature EcoWorx backing, which is completely recyclable, PVC-free, and contain 44% percent recycled content. Dye Lab contributes to LEED credits, including recycled content, low-emitting materials and innovation in design.