Hettich UK’s new sliding door system is designed to make wide, heavy doors operate more quietly and smoothly than ever.

TopLine XL is a concealed, premium sliding door system which handles doors weighing up to 80kg with ease. Whether for soft opening, soft closing, three-door applications, or collision damping, TopLine XL’s quality and design excellence ensures that it will perform effectively while also creating a luxurious feel. The Silent System soft-close feature allows the damping force to be adjusted as preferred.

TopLine XL is easy to install, the doors are simply hooked into the top running profile, and a light press against the cabinet engages the bottom rollers, which are fitted out of sight below the bottom panel. Integrated height adjustment guarantees excellent alignment.

There is maximum flexibility in the type and positioning of handles, because the degree to which the door is offset can be selected on the guiding component. This also makes for easy opening of internal drawers, while the door reveal can also be selected by fitting the end stop wherever suits.