The culmination of three years of research and considerable financial investment, MK Electric’s Elements Collection offers designers a range of dimmers, switches and sockets that add to the aesthetics of the wallcoverings and overall space.

At launch, the collection comprises socket outlets, plate switches, grid modules and front plates for euro modular applications. A locator/ indicator welcomes guests into the room and touch technology can offer an innovative user experience. Depending on the type, switches are available as electronic touch or mechanically operated.

With slim fascia profiles and crisp, clean edges, wiring devices in the Elements Collection can be customised in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes. The standard range comprises four material groups – Synthetics, Glass Effect, Metallics and Naturals – in 16 finishes and over 180 devices.

Elements Synthetics takes its cues from the natural landscape, offering finishes such as Chalk White, Beach Pebble and Natural Stone. Elements Glass Effect finishes, meanwhile, are sleek, glossy and smart, and include Polished Jade, Polished Onyx and Polished Stone – all of which incorporate touch technology.

Elements Metallics feature muted tones and masculine textures, delivering a sense of exclusivity in Satin Platinum and Satin Titanium; while Brushed Steel, Cast Iron and Brushed Bronze add an industrial edge. Elements Naturals, on the other hand, brings the familiar hues of wood to life in graceful patterns such as British Oak and Dark Wenge.

All four aesthetic choices combine groundbreaking design with functional excellence. The installation process has been carefully designed to minimise the risk of damage, and tests have shown the Elements Collection to have some of the most robust finishes on the market.

All fascias are impact-resistant and all sockets feature an enhanced version of MK Electric’s pioneering three-pin safety shutters.

Alongside its standard range, MK Electric offers a bespoke design service, offering designers the opportunity to customise products in the Elements Collection with thousands of finishes with minimal lead times.

Jason Ng, marketing communications specialist at MK Electric, says: “Contemporary interior design calls for every component of a room to contribute to the overall aesthetic. In developing the Elements Collection we wanted to combine unique aesthetic appeal with new functionality and enhanced durability. We think this range offers something new to hotel design.”