Mark Gabbertas has designed a new seating piece for furniture specialist, Oasiq. The new Sandur chair combines the emerging colour trends with tactile effects, creating character through its simplicity.

Mark explains the process behind the design: “When I was young, I would play a game called cat’s cradle, whereby two people would make patterns with a single loop of string and pass them to each other. What proved interesting during the development of Sandur was the ability of the weave to follow a different profile than might be expected from the frame itself, and to create an independent three-dimensional shape within the skeletal steel structure.

“This gave us more freedom to allow the frame to express itself and take on a character of its own, while at the same time providing the support in key areas for the weave to perform the essential ergonomic functions. It is the nature and degree of the interdependence between frame and weave that fascinated and inspired us in this project.”