Dressing a multi-purpose room for events is a question of striking the right balance between quality, style and value. Gopak – a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of practical furniture – has produced the ideal solution with its range of stackable Banqueting Chairs, suitable for any occasion.

With desirable seat depth and comfortable countours to ensure total back and lumbar support, Gopak Banqueting Chairs offer both style and practicality.

The versatility of the product can be seen in the variety of events for which it has been used. Gopak’s R3 Banqueting Chairs, for example, provided the perfect choice for the New Ark Foundation in Northampton. As a community-based initative, it hosts numerous events and welcomes visitors of all ages – necessitating a certain degree of comfort.

At Bingham Hall in Cirencester, meanwhile, 50 Banqueting Chairs were chosen to meet the ever-changing needs of a large scale hall complex. A popular venue for corporate functions, private events, weddings and performances, Gopak’s steel framed R1 chairs offered the perfect combination of comfort, ease of use and a stylish aesthetic.

Available in an optional range of five colour frames and a number of different upholsteries, Banqueting Chairs can also be stacked up to ten high. Ideal for multi-use venues, they can be stored away quickly and efficiently when not in use, and are available with a chair trolley so that moving them around a building is both easy and safe.