Some would say that a guest’s impression of a hotel is sealed the minute they step into the foyer. Does the space and design evoke a sense of romanticism or relaxation? Or does it have a more traditional, modern or minimalist look and feel? That first step often sets the tone for the rest of a guest’s trip.

As guests make their way to their room their impression is only further cemented. When they unlock the door, drop their bags and view their room for the first time – does it have a beautiful bookcase, stylish chaise-longue or interesting sculptures or photographs? Hoteliers inherently understand that every feature in a room is a piece of a complex puzzle; if one piece is damaged or missing, it ruins the overall effect. Until recently, wiring accessories were the exception to this otherwise hard and fast rule.

The MK Elements collection defines and enhances the character of a room. It possesses both the technology and aesthetic to appeal to ‘early adopters’ seeking the latest in electronic devices, and the style-conscious looking to make the utmost in chic a reality for their guests.

Dimmers and switches in the range are operated with simple touch technology and the collection offers a range of different materials including Synthetics, Glass Effect, Metallics and Naturals in over 180 different devices – offering a unique guest experience.The MK Elements collection combines robust and innovative electronic devices with limitless design possibilities.

The hospitality industry – often ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in domestic interiors – has also been quick to incorporate touch-screens and tablets in guest rooms and public spaces. Often employed to control entertainment facilities and environmental controls in guest rooms, self-check-in is also becoming more common with intuitive touch screen terminals.

The lesson is clear: touch is no longer viewed as a rather prosaic way of operating a system, instead it is something hotel guests will increasingly expect from a hotel. With such demand experienced in the hospitality sector, specifiers are looking for functionality which is high-tech but also instinctive, such as touch technology for the on-off switching and dimming functions that are found in the MK Elements collection.

In the next decade, consumers will demand that wiring devices lift, not lessen, the overall impact of a room. Manufacturers and hoteliers alike will be under pressure to raise their game by providing wiring devices capable of enhancing the desired look and feel with customised finishes and matching seasonal trends that guests have come to expect.