White-washed floors are highly popular but sometimes a contrast is needed, especially if an interior scheme is pale throughout. Stained oak designs, like Kährs Oak Gate, provide an ideal option, bringing a warm, natural feel without compromising a crisp, airy look.

Kährs Oak Gate creates a multi-toned effect, bringing dark ebony and pale nut shades to a scheme. The one-strip floor has an even wood grain and is lightly smoked and stained to create the striking colourway. A micro-bevelled edge gives distinction between the boards, whilst the brushed surface and matt lacquer prefinish create a tactile feel.

“A smoked oak floor creates a real style statement when it’s installed in a completely white interior. The look is glamorous and opulent, and it can be reinforced with black or white furniture, metallic tones and sumptuous velvet and silks,” explained Kährs’ country manager, Harvey Booth.