One of the leading names in the custom tile industry, Imagine Tile, has produced commercially-rated ceramic tiles for use in the hospitality, retail and residential markets for over a decade.

Using patented glazing technology, the company works directly with architects and designers to reproduce textures, patterns, photos, illustrations and even three-dimensional images into tiles perfectly equipped for high-traffic indoor and outdoor use.

One of Imagine Tiles’ projects entailed creating the Baroque Motif tile in teal for an installation in the Guggenheim Estate’s Hempstead House in New York. Working with design firm III View Design & Construction, Imagine Tile created a tile design that married the function of a modern bathroom, with the look of Persian fabrics – a nod to the Guggenheim’s collection of items acquired from Europe. The tiles are in a 24 x 24in format, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Another interesting tile design is Bibliophile, which was inspired by the iconic New York Public Library. The 48 x 96in repeating mural depicts a high-resolution bookcase in brown scale tones on 18 different 16 x 16in commercially-rated ceramic tiles in a matt finish.

The tile concept was initially created by architecture and design studio, nemaworkshop, for a coffee shop in Manhattan.