VONDOM – a leading name in the design and manufacture of avant-garde indoor and outdoor furniture – can always be relied upon to bring a fresh and innovative approach to any hospitality project. Its new collections for 2015 are no exception.

The AND collection by Fabio Novembre is particularly notable for its architectural, almost abstract form. Made from polyethylene resin, the design is 100% recyclable and available in a variety of different finishes.

Designed by Gabriele + Oscar Buratti, the KES collection is a modular seating system that aims to create endless and articulated compositions. Various components, including sofas and armchairs can be assimilated with back rests, arm rests and tables to create a dynamic seating area.

The VELA collection by Ramón Esteve, meanwhile, aims to offer the comfort and quality of interior furniture, without losing sight of its origins. This modular system has an attractive geometric aesthetic and, perhaps most importantly, has inbuilt lighting which creates a striking visual by night.

Manufactured by rotational moulding with lineal low density polyethylene, the collection can endure extreme conditions from -60°C to 80°C VELA is available in a matt, lacquered or coloured finished.