Swedish design company, Bolon, has announced the release of its latest flooring collection, Flow –  and with it an innovative development within recycling.

nspired by the timeless mystery of our oceans, Flow highlights design fluidity, visual motion and soft pastel shades. This is partly achieved by the use of a transparent warp that allows the weave’s subtle colours to shine through, creating an overall impression reminiscent of a tranquil, watercolour vista.

“Flow’s design characteristics create a look that adds natural harmony and grace to any interior,” says Marie Eklund, chief creative officer. “Also, the fact that every article in the collection can be combined beautifully without adhering to strict pattern-based laying makes it amazingly versatile.”

As well as making the collection available in rolls and tiles, the company is using the launch of Flow to introduce its new tile shape, ‘Scale’. Celebrating the natural, glistening beauty within the ocean, it is the company’s first organic tile shape and features a soft, rounded form.

From a sustainability perspective, Flow is a breakthrough collection. The bottom layer of the flooring’s backing is made of recycled material from Bolon’s recently-commissioned onsite recycling plant – a process that results in the end product comprising up to 33% recycled material.

The 90 million SEK investment in this facility is the latest expression in a long history of environmental innovation. Today, Bolon uses only modern, phthalate-free raw materials, sources locally-drawn groundwater for cooling and is committed to centralised production for both process control and logistical reasons. Each of these steps reflects a long-term vision the company defines as ‘A Future Without Footprints’.