Made from fossilised trees, millions of years old, Lapicida’s petrified wood basins are one-off works of art.

Fascinating, rare and wholly individual, each basin is hand carved from a section through a fossil tree trunk, following the contours of the tree and incorporating all of its natural detail, from the barks to the rings. A moment in earth’s history, perfectly preserved in stone.

Designed to sit on vanity tops, Lapicida’s petrified wood basins come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Lapicida is one of the world’s leading international stone specialists. Its team of craftsmen create striking and extensive collections of luxury stone for walls and floors, together with freestanding decorative objects and a matchless range of bespoke services.

From its UK headquarters in Harrogate, Lapicida now provides a truly global service, with showrooms in New York, London, Oslo and Mallorca.