Melbourne-based industrial designer, Jan Flook, set up his studio in Victoria in 2008, working with a range of distinguished architects, interior designers and private clients on bespoke feature lights. His second international launch is a witty, adaptable and immensely useful pendant named Senõrita.

Inspired by a Spanish flamenco dress, the stretch element of Senõrita came by chance when Flook noticed he could concertina a flat shape outwards from a single piece of felt. “I like the fact that it’s a uniquely soft and feminine design where most of my collection is more masculine,” he explains.

One of the qualities of the piece is the gentle pattern of shadows it casts wherever it is hung. The diffuser is made from 5mm thick 100% wool felt, a notably renewable and environmentally friendly material, which has been much in the news this spring.

The felt is also a sound insulator and flame retardant, and comes in a range of colours from fire red, light gray, lime green to charcoal. Senorita can be disassembled and vacuumed with ease.

“Wool felt is a tremendous, natural material and very inexpensive so even with shipping costs, Senõrita can appeal to design-savvy consumers around the world,” says Jan. The pendant comes in small or large sizes.

In Australia, Senõrita has barely been on the market for six months, but already has been popular in fashion store fit-outs as well as private residences. A turned beech wood top section designed in early 2015 is the final adjustment to perfect the design.