Johnson Tiles unveiled a spectacular reflective 3D wall of colour, transforming the entrance to the Design Factory area throughout Clerkenwell Design Week 2015.

With mirrors cleverly placed behind rows of tiles emerging from the wall, it produced an array of reflections, evolving shades and playful visual effects, interacting with passers-by and the surrounding buildings.

The striking installation, entitled ‘Verve’, was commissioned specially for the festival as part of the CDW Presents series, transforming the outside of The Shed at Design Factory. It was inspired by rows of dominoes and created with more than 6,000 tiles from the iconic British-made Prismatics range, each set into hundreds of rows of protruding ‘blades’.

The carefully selected combinations of colours meant visitors were greeted with a different effect depending on where they stood. From one side, vertical bands of gloss and matt white presented a calming, neutral theme, with the tiles appearing to take on different muted tones, an effect created by the mirrors reflecting the bolder shades of blues, teals and greens from the tiles on the other side of each row.

The concept was the brainchild of Darren Clanford, creative director at Johnson Tiles. “The idea originated from a set of dominoes,” he says. “By positioning the dominoes in a line, you can create an interesting effect of colour and space, and this led me to think about playing with the relationship between colour, space and environment with Verve.

“The fact that the mirrors reflect the light and colour of the bright Prismatics onto the white tiles, creates an intriguing and interactive display. However, the concept of the design also spans its interaction with the environment – the mirrors reflecting the industrialism of the parallel building and the reflection of the onlookers themselves and relying on natural light for its effect.

“The installation is created by its surroundings and takes on a different appearance dependant on light and where the viewer is standing. It’s these factors that make Verve a truly individual experience.”

A fitting celebration of British manufacturing and design, it was being designed and handcrafted by a specialist in-house team at Johnson Tiles, with every tile made at the historic company’s factory in Stoke-on-Trent.

The Prismatics range offers a choice of 68 different shades, making it one of the largest colour ranges of British-made ceramic tiles available.

Clerkenwell Design Week also saw the Staffordshire-based manufacturer showcase its extensive product portfolio, as well as previewing forthcoming designs. Brand new ranges on show included Antique, a porcelain tile that recreates the natural beauty of aged wood, and Baker Street, a rustic slim format tile in contemporary neutral tones.