Combining Rizzi’s sophisticated industrial technologies with fine craftsmanship, Scaloro, the new helical staircase by Rizzi, emphasises the ornamental appearance of a staircase within an architectural space.

The idea behind the Scaloro design is that the staircase is no longer merely an accessory to a space, or a practical necessity, but becomes a real piece of furniture that adds character and visual interest.

The central helical core of Scaloro has both structural and wiring functions for the cantilever steps, which contrain lighting. The gap between the steps and the parapet allows the light to be diffused, accentuating the progression of the staircase, while creating a delicate glow to its interior.

A key advantage of the design is that it is entirely customisable. Whether it be adjusting the colour of the staircase or the internal and external finishing of the parapet, clients can create the exact aesthetic they’re looking for.

As with all Rizzi’s helical stairs, and as a guarantee of quality and precision, Scaloro is pre-assembled by the company before being delivered to the customer.