July 2015 saw a revamp of some of Burgess Furniture's most iconic chair designs. Como, Cello, ComfortFlex and Salon all underwent a makeover, replacing classic fabrics and finishes with edgier, more modern pairings.

The Salon was photographed in a combination of striped and plain fabrics - its chic aesthetic shaped by coupling fashionable fabrics with modern powder-coated finishes. 
look is shaped by coupling the fashionable fabrics with

The ComfortFlex, meanwhile, features a mix of Brushed Natural finish and a textured velvet fabric. The combination of the two is fresh and exciting, whilst still retaining the classic style that lends itself so well to any function or conference space.

Como boasta an assortment of trendy and vibrant coloured fabrics and complementary powder coated finishes. The effect is bold and striking, and serves to highlight the visual versatility of the lightweight reeded aluminium stacking chair.

Cello is resplendent yet simple with its Allday Comfort Plus seat cushion and molded back, kitted out in hues of pink and blue. With its bright colours and silver legs, the Cello is vibrant and modern while still retaining an overall classic feel.