The Forty3 family of products is suitable for small living spaces, but can also be used as a functional passe-partout for large suppliers due to its versatility and ability to provide manifold options.

In particular, the wall-hung toilet – a seemingly simple product – hides within it the results of considerable, meticulous research into the methods and necessities of contemporary living. 

At only 43cm in depth, Forty3 is the smallest toilet on the market, but the product does not forgo comfort, featuring optimised seat space. This product is therefore able to contain many valuable features within its reduced size.

Combining design and quality, Ceramica Globo offers solutions for the needs and the adaptability of daily living in smaller spaces, without sacrificing elegance. The rounded, but decisive features and the carefully studied measures give this product a linear harmony reminiscent of other classic designs in bathroom furnishings.

Available in a wide range of other sizes, the Forty3 toilet can be equipped with bidets, washbasins and bases all from the Forty3 series.