Buster + Punch recently adapted its elegant and innovative LED BUSTER bulb for an exhibition held by The Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club at the Saatchi Gallery.

The Spirit of Ecstasy exhibition took place on the 4th December, and celebrated the latest in technologies and contemporary design.

Paying homage to the guiding philosophy of Sir Henry Royce and Charles Rolls – “Take the best that exists and make it better” – Buster + Punch created a gold-plated bayonet design as an exclusive product offering for the exhibition.

Combining a high-tech LED light source with the Royce-patented B22 fitting, the Buster bulb offers a luxurious blend of old and new.

A contemporary version of the Edison filament bulb, the teardrop-shaped glass shell houses a resin light pipe that creates a crisp, clean light quality. Updated with a gold-plated bayonet cap for the exhibition, the piece is inspired by the Rolls-Royce legacy of harnessing energy with superb grace.