Davide Groppi’s striking lighting solutions grace Hotel N’orma, an intimate country hotel in Sicily ...

Transformed from ruins into a stylish B&B, Hotel N’orma lies nestled amongst olive groves and vines in the town of Chiaramonte Gulfi, Ragusa.

Patrizia Sbalchiero, the architect behind the project, has made use of traditional materials and shapes to create a contemporary spin on rural living – a theme that extends throughout the venue.

Wherever possible, Patrizia has maximised the connection between the structure and the open countryside that surrounds it. Ancient building techniques – making use of natural materials such as stones, tuff, lime plaster, clay tiles and wattle – were adopted for the roofs and vertical partitions, while large windows increase the connection between the hotel’s interior and its bucholic setting.

The hotel is designed to be a place of opposites: a blend of tradition and modernity; austere lines mixed with the warmth of beloved home; a sense of isolation and intimacy.

Davide Groppi’s lighting melds with this scheme perfectly. A variety of his suspension lamps, wall lamps, and outdoor lighting has been artfully selected and positioned to create striking luminous areas throughout the hotel.

Davide’s designs are in themselves striking, bold, and original, yet they create the perfect balance in this pared back space, adding to the character of the space, but not overwhelming it.